• Product description:

    Carry out your Olympics and team-building in this giant inflatable obstacle course. Challenge your opponents or help your teammates overcome all obstacles in this real inflatable obstacle course. This inflatable game is made up of over 13 different obstacles, some of them can be impassable for you alone, so ask for help, otherwise give it all you can to achieve it. Unroll and run the length in the fastest time. This inflatable game equipment combines extreme sensations, endurance and cohesion for every player who will try.

    The impressive dimensions of this course do not always allow installation in a covered but outdoor setting, this giant inflatable game will be visible from afar and intrigue all players. Children can test this inflatable structure from the age of 12. The giant airbag placed at the end of the course does not allow the youngest to fold this obstacle. At the end of the race, two simultaneous players can perform a free fall of 5 meters in height. Up to 50 users can have fun in this giant inflatable castle at the same time. The large number of obstacles allows for a reasonably long progression time. The best current score is 35 seconds in the free field without opponents. This giant inflatable obstacle course is very hot for children's sporting events.


    Model: LSJ 1278

    Size: 70Lx4wx5H

    Material: 0.55mm pvc tarpaulin

    Recommended Minimum Age over 3 years

    1 Year Warranty

    Mounting time: 30 minutes

    Assemble / disassemble: 1-5 people

    Capacity: up to 400 people

    Commercial Vinyl On Impact Surfaces

    Double and quadruple trade sewing

    Reinforced Range in Areas of Stress

    Fully Closed Heavy Duty Safety Network with Velcro Safety Entry

    Includes - fan, storage bag or straps and patch kit

    Internal and External Use


    What is included?

    We always include everything you need to start using the inflatable. The accessories will vary depending on the type of product you are buying.

    Can I customize this product?

    YEA! This depends on the product, but usually you can specify colors, illustrations, logos and PVC size.

    If you can not see what you want on our site, we can also create fully customized inflatables - ask us about our design service.