• Product description

    The human bounce ball game also known as Zorbing or Zorb ball is made with excellent quality plastic materials in commercial grade perfect for commercial use in events and parties, designed especially for use in water as well as on land or grass.

    Its Nuclear design is unique and generates a high visual impact, thus attracting the attention of its users and increasing the demand of the attraction.

    The nuclear inflatable ball that you get inside does not include safety harnesses, as this Zorb tends to be used with water inside to roll on a slope or zorb ramp is also widely used in water, inflatable and structural pools.

    It is possible to order it with different color details to achieve a personalized identification. Take contact with us

    Product details

    Model: LSJ 0528

    Size: 2.6m ,3m or customised 

    About PVC and TPU inflatable body zorb ball  :

    Both TPU or PVC types look the same and both with best quality.

    Q: What is TPU – Thermoplastic Urethane? Why TPU is more expensive than PVC?

    A: TPU’s full name: (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane Copolymer) is a new non-toxic materials, The wide application of products, TPU will be replaced by a product of PVC.

    1 Resistant to solvent, oil and grease.

    2 Weatherproof

    3 Excellent strength, break strength and elongation

    4 Soft

    5 Better resistance to hydrolysis

    6 Better resistance to low temperature

    17 Better mycete-proof

    Q:What is the difference between the PVC and the TPU material?

    A:For TPU material, it is more durable than PVC. It dont have any bad smell if the weather is much hot.

    So it is used in most of hot city, like Lubbock,Oklahoma City,Raleigh,Tulsa,Austin. We have many customers there. Attached is our SGS TPU material testing report. There are lots of fake TPU on sale in internet since their price even can not approach our cost.


    What's included?

    We always include everything you need to get started with the inflatable.Accessories will vary depending on the type of product you are buying.

    Can I customise this product?

    YES! This depends on the product but usually you can specify PVC colours, artwork, logos and size.

    If you cannot see what you want on our website we can also create completely bespoke  inflatables – ask us about our design service.